Download Server moved to a new host plus UT99 Map collection

We have cut across our downloads service to new hosting today, any issue please leave a comment.

To celebrate we’ve re’upped our 25GB+ UT99 map collection, we’d previously pushed this to rushbase before it decided to disappear a few years back, from the readme

               #====\ Unreal Tournament '99 Map Collection /====#
                      13,277 Files / 27,756,040,702 Bytes
  These discs contain as many maps[packs] as I could be arsed dragging down
from the internet, some may be duped maps with different filenames, some may be
different gametype filename to contents. Damn site owners need to take better
care when uploading their files.
                  ..|.. filefront/3ddownloads/fileplanet ..|..
  Sure as hell isnt complete, but it never will be. New mappacks and LE fixes
are coming out everyday and you have to burn it down at some stage, hitting 25gb
was the deciding factor.

  There's still some Funnel series maps that the [DFP] seem to be running on
their server. No doubt an assload of clan edits and some other maps are missing
There's a bunch of bad zips that appear to only be available from one source. 
Some of these are included in the '.bad' dir, the map files are extractable from
a few but untested.

  With an archive this size and Epic not changing the file extensions between
unreal and ut chances are some unreal maps crept into the mix. Deal with it, if
it doesnt work in ut use something else. The goal was to create and archive of
ut maps afaik this is done 100%. Hopefully i never manage to prove myself wrong.
  A clrmame ( dat has been included of the entire archive 
(less the .bad dir) so you can use this dat to verify the sets copied from the 
discs. There is a key.txt files with directory descriptions and index.txt which
is an listing of the entire set.

  The zzz_alt contains the complete(?) utff archive for ut99, includes some full
release archives with readme and screenshots.

                       Enjoy, this collection ..... ruki

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