Spidey Selection v3.0 for UT2004

Some nice peeps on reddit uploaded the Spidey Selection v3.0 for UT2004 to archive.org recently, i’d managed to track down an older version some time ago but was after v3.0. This is pretty cool, its a 3.5GB iso of maps/mods/skins etc.

The main site as far as I’ve been able to tell is here

The archive.org download is available here


Google translated version of the announcement post

Hello friends of the Unreal-idad.

It has been a long time since for personal reasons, I distanced myself from the Unreal Tournament and from this blog where I had so many good times.

The distance was never insurmountable, so sometimes I threw myself to play Unreal-idad with my friends for a while.

However I thought that the UT2004 and my pack UT2004 spidey Selection v.3.0, had ceased to be of general interest.

What has been my surprise when lately receiving mails from various parts of the world, asking for details about the pack, such as installation, game modes, feature activation …

That has aroused my curiosity to know if it was being distributed after so many years still by torrent.

Indeed, although all the old links that I left in the blog to download via torrent were unusable, now they have emerged independently in very different portals new download routes via torrent of the pack, which drops with excellent speed.

All this has encouraged me to update the blog, removing the old broken links and adding the updated ones that you can see in the right column.

Take this opportunity to give a more modern look to the blog.

I hope you enjoy like never before with UT2004 spidey Selection v.3.0.

See you at the Unreal-idad

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