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Connection information for the services provided by Gaming @ Tombstones,

Production Servers

Game Server Port Password Link
Unreal Gold (277i) 27777 Down
Unreal Tournament ’99 57777 Join
Unreal Tournament 2004 33033 Join
Enemy Territory Legacy 27960 Join
Mumble 64738 la2aru5 Join
UTStatsDB 443
#gaming.tombstones* 6667 Account Join
Discord** Account
Twitter*** @gtombstones Account

* Live game updates are published to the #gaming.tombstones channgel on Foreverchat

** Primary comms are handled over Mumble and IRC, Discord exists for now.

*** Server status and info is posted to twitter automatically, so can be a good way to find an active match

Testing Servers

These servers are liable to be taken down at any time to reboot for new content, remove content etc.

Game Server Port Password Link
Unreal Gold (277i) 37777 Join
Unreal Tournament ’99 47777 Join
Unreal Tournament 2004 43033 Join
Enemy Territory Legacy 47960 Join
Mumble 44738

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