User Account Cleanup

We’ve noticed a lot of spam accounts being created of late, unfortunately this has required us to take steps to clean up and restrict access (via captcha) to certain portions of the site.

MonsterHunt gameplay


The Different Flavours Of MonsterHunt From what I can gather, there are several versions of the MH mutator around: Stock MonsterHunt. Affectionately known as “MonsterHunt 1”. The last version was 504, so it may by listed as “MonsterHunt504” in some places. MonsterHunt2. MH2Gold or MH2Package.  This was developed in the light of limited features in…

GamesGate Unreal series sale

Unreal series on sale @ GamersGate Summer Sale

GamersGate has deals going on all the entire Unreal series, so now may be a good time to grab yourself a copy of any of the titles you may be missing. These are Steam redeemable codes only so consideration of such is worth noting before purchase. Still a cheap way to get your hands on…

UT99 Sound/UTGLR/FGLRX on Ubuntu Wily

Running UT99 natively in Linux has always been a dark art, more so of late with the increasing popularity of 64bit distributions. The only agreed solutions for running a GL renderer seemed to be Running an Nvidia card which is fine providing you already had an Nvidia card or where in the market for one.…

MonsterHunt. Some maps suck more than others.

For the initiated, MonsterHunt is – as the name suggests – about hunting down monsters. It shares many characteristics with the original Unreal game, in which the player is moving from stage to stage, solving puzzles (which generally amount to “how do I get through this level? Where’s the switch/lever/tile that opens the gate/raises the…

New ONS Links

Updates to link configurations are now available on the server for eleven (11) of our existing Onslaught (ONS) maps, without doubt this should help mix it up a bit as you play through. Jump on the server and give them a try.

gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive

gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive

Over the years we’ve been building the gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive and a while back we uploaded our entire gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive to rushbase. The collection contains over 14,000 maps weighing in at a meager 28 gigabytes of slaughtery goodness covering almost all game types. An example of the gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive content…