New ONS Links

Updates to link configurations are now available on the server for eleven (11) of our existing Onslaught (ONS) maps, without doubt this should help mix it up a bit as you play through. Jump on the server and give them a try.

New link configurations have been made for the following maps:

ONS Links

  • ONS-(RTS)Sanctuary-Final
  • ONS-AirMars-H3
  • ONS-Apocalypse
  • ONS-ChasmBridge-ECE
  • ONS-diamondsword_8
  • ONS-IonWarsEp1
  • ONS-IslandHop
  • ONS-RedPlanet
  • ONS-Squalor
  • ONS-Tempura
  • ONS-{UNK}Manta_Lagoon

Due to the way in which RandomLinks works, the first wave is always the standard (default) link setup. The next waves will then be random.

Since the score limit was set to 3 games, winning the first two games meant only the second would see a new random link. Hence the score limit has been set to 5 games, meaning the next 2-4 waves will be random.

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