Unreal Tournament 99

ut99logo_sheddedgaming@Tombstones began with our Unreal Tournament 99 server in 2000.

The current incarnation was put on hiatus after a server move in 2006 which remained incomplete until March-2011. The following are details of the current configuration; if something we run appeals to you please join the fun.


  • Bombing Run
  • Capture the Flag
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Excessive UT
  • League Assault
  • Monster Hunt
  • Monster Hunt 2

Mutators – General:

  • ZeroPing Plus
  • MapVote LA13
  • Cheat protection through EUT 1G
  • AutoTeam Balance
  • Revenge
  • Crotchshot
  • Disgraced
  • Who Pushed Me?
  • No Invisibility
  • No UDamage

Mutators – Capture The Flag:

  • Custom Flags
  • Fastcap


  • Unreal Tournament Stats
  • Shared UZ Redirect

You may find the connection details here]

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