UT2006 – Unreal Tournament for the Atari 2600

UT2006 is a demake of Unreal Tournament for the Atari 2600 the project is currently in development.

The latest beta (version 6) is by all accounts a fun romp in retro land. It is available to be played through the browser or downloaded as a rom and played with an emulator or one of the available flash carts


  • Onscreen (couch co-op) Multiplayer, up to 6 players
  • Online play via various NetPlay enabled emulators
  • Multiple Map Selection
  • Multiple Classic Gametypes
  • Full Weapon and Pickup lineup
  • Translocator and Jumping

Pretty amazing feature set when you consider the platform, perhaps we’ll end up hosting a local version with javatari in the future and run a tourney.

The game is available at the Project site

The soundtrack is available on SoundCloud

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