New Maps!

To keep gameplay fresh, we will be introducing new maps (and possibly rotating out older ones) to both UT99 and UT2004.  Maps added need to fit one of two criteria: They’re available for download. If players do not have the map, it will certainly be available to download in-game, but it should also be available…

UTComp Updated

We have moved the server to UTComp1.7a_3fix, voting is still disabled in UTComp until we can establish if the takeover bug is corrected in this version. Our preferred voting mechanism is UT2Vote59 in any case, so this allows us to retain the features of UT2Vote and use the enhancements UTComp brings as well.

UT2004 Server updates

We have addressed a number of issues of late that have been plaguing the Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) server for some time. Turned out to be quite a simple fix thankfully which permitted us time to add some of the planned new gametypes; so without further adieu,