UT2004 Server updates

We have addressed a number of issues of late that have been plaguing the Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) server for some time. Turned out to be quite a simple fix thankfully which permitted us time to add some of the planned new gametypes; so without further adieu,

Legend: (F)ixed,(T)esting,(C)larify,(U)pdated,(R)emoved,R(e)ject,(N)ew

F: Mapvote not showing on Invasion games
F: vCTF not working yet
F: vCTF not showing in webmin
F: Onslaught crashes server
F: Server disconnects users during map rotation
U: AntiTCC2009 to r6
U: Mapvote to UT2Vote59
N: vCTF Gametype available
N: vCTF maps added to server
N: Instagib Invasion Gametype added to server
N: utfiles.com redirect server added
R: PingCompensation2 use utComp Netcode instead.

Come on and join the fray!

One thought on “UT2004 Server updates

  1. Damn good. Those have been bugging me and I’ve never really tracked down the issue. Decent work!

    (Invasion on traditional weapons is DEAD HARD!)

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