GamesGate Unreal series sale

Unreal series on sale @ GamersGate Summer Sale

GamersGate has deals going on all the entire Unreal series, so now may be a good time to grab yourself a copy of any of the titles you may be missing. These are Steam redeemable codes only so consideration of such is worth noting before purchase. Still a cheap way to get your hands on…

UT99 Sound/UTGLR/FGLRX on Ubuntu Wily

Running UT99 natively in Linux has always been a dark art, more so of late with the increasing popularity of 64bit distributions. The only agreed solutions for running a GL renderer seemed to be Running an Nvidia card which is fine providing you already had an Nvidia card or where in the market for one.…

gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive

gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive

Over the years we’ve been building the gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive and a while back we uploaded our entire gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive to rushbase. The collection contains over 14,000 maps weighing in at a meager 28 gigabytes of slaughtery goodness covering almost all game types. An example of the gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive content…

MonsterHunt 2 added to the UT99 Server

Today we have added the MonsterHunt 2 mod to the UT99 server. Available in Standard and AccuGib (ZeroPing) game modes. MonsterHunt 2 brings with it a number of new features over the old MonsterHunt including, regenerating health, hud improvements, enemy hitpoint display and more. Jump on the server and get in the fight.