UT99 Sound/UTGLR/FGLRX on Ubuntu Wily

Running UT99 natively in Linux has always been a dark art, more so of late with the increasing popularity of 64bit distributions. The only agreed solutions for running a GL renderer seemed to be Running an Nvidia card which is fine providing you already had an Nvidia card or where in the market for one.…

gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive

gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive

Over the years we’ve been building the gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive and a while back we uploaded our entire gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive to rushbase. The collection contains over 14,000 maps weighing in at a meager 28 gigabytes of slaughtery goodness covering almost all game types. An example of the gaming@Tombstones UT99 Map Archive content…

UnrealNorth Website

With the relaunch of new site and refocus on our services, it seems like the perfect opportunity to point out some key players still active in the UT scene. So with that in mind I point you to UnrealNorth today, which seems like a good all round site; of specific interest and setting this site…

UTComp Updated

We have moved the server to UTComp1.7a_3fix, voting is still disabled in UTComp until we can establish if the takeover bug is corrected in this version. Our preferred voting mechanism is UT2Vote59 in any case, so this allows us to retain the features of UT2Vote and use the enhancements UTComp brings as well.

UT2004 Server updates

We have addressed a number of issues of late that have been plaguing the Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) server for some time. Turned out to be quite a simple fix thankfully which permitted us time to add some of the planned new gametypes; so without further adieu,

MonsterHunt 2 added to the UT99 Server

Today we have added the MonsterHunt 2 mod to the UT99 server. Available in Standard and AccuGib (ZeroPing) game modes. MonsterHunt 2 brings with it a number of new features over the old MonsterHunt including, regenerating health, hud improvements, enemy hitpoint display and more. Jump on the server and get in the fight.