Map Rotation – VCTF

The following VCTF maps have been retired:

  • VCTF-ApA][Starrz2 – this was somewhat bland and lacking detail (the map itself doesn’t even have screenshots, just a clan logo) and the floating platform doesn’t make it great gameplay for vehicles – most times you’re fighting with the slopes. It’s also another map in which flagcapping is performed easier on foot than with vehicles, kinda defeating the purpose of a VCTF.  We don’t play it much, so it doesn’t feel like any great loss.
  • VCTF-Far-Cry_Mission-Beach – the novelty of the power boats quickly wore off.  The design of the map is quite poor – the flags are pretty close together and it doesn’t take long to snatch and cap on water.
  • VCTF-[Id]-Cake-vs-Pie – another novelty map in which footwork is easier than vehicles. As a CTF map, it’s quite interesting, but the vehicles look like an afterthought.
  • VCTF-[Id]-TorlanSpace-Beta3 – this is basically “Torlan with flags”, which isn’t a bad idea – ONS maps lend themselves to vehicle usage so suit VCTF design quite well – but the flags aren’t even in the base, and we play ONS-Torlan so this doesn’t need to be included in the VCTF batch.
  • VCTF-Lakovost – a small map, not really a vehicles map given that flagsnatch and cap can be done easily on foot using the hidden “back passage”.
  • VCTF-LIP-ColdFear – I initially thought it was an okay map, but bridge texture glitches (tripping over metal runners) and poor turret placement (shouldn’t be able to spawn-kill each other) has put me off playing it. Pity, as the bots are quite evil in this map.
  • VCTF-RT-TrainCrossing – the train over the laser rails and the ferry are novelties for this map, but the repeated ferry horn blast quickly grew annoying. It’s another map which the bots can be quite hard, too.
  • VCTF-SleepyHollow – somewhat dark, not that great for VCTF. Some flagcaps can be done more easily on foot.
  • VCTF-Surripere-SE – this is an ex-onslaught map, so is a good one for design, but the bot pathing is odd – none of them use vehicles, so they’re always at a disadvantage. And too many vehicles are available for hijack, although I’m not sure that’s actually intentional and not lazinesss.
  • VCTF-Truthful – there’s more to explore on foot than in vehicles, meaning the vehicles quickly get left out.
  • VCTF-UCMP2-RiverCanyon2 – another where footwork beats vehicles, so isn’t really a VCTF map.

The following VCTF maps have been added:

  • VCTF-ArboreaCrossroad – green valleys and mud banks, similar to BattleDam. One shared paladin, so get there quick!
  • VCTF-BahamasBrawlECE2004 – nice bright beach map set in a large cove with a rocky causeway, giving two routes around the vehicle-destroying salt water to the map.
  • VCTF-BE-Dystopia – two large grim concrete car parks with a long road trek between them. Although there’s a simple straight-through route, there are hidden surprises in the slip roads.
  • VCTF-BE-Razku – Another “Black Eagle” map, a long tropical beachfront with rock pools. Most of the action remains on the beach and cliff, not really approaching water.
  • VCTF-BlastedSands – Another Hobi-Wan map, this one a darker sand desert scene but very open and plain, so there could be too much long-range artillery.
  • VCTF-Burn – open-plan, Egyptian-themed desert map but with some land contours.
  • VCTF-DG-Arctika – quite a large map with snowstorms and low visibility, easy to get lost (I left the front of blue base and approached red base from behind, somehow).
  • VCTF-Gladden_V1 – ruined terracotta buildings, looks like a floating platform map that’s been dropped into the snow – so it’s possible to drive outside of the brickwork (the stark snow doesn’t make that obvious).
  • VCTF-2Towers][ – quite “Lord Of The Rings” with wide open places. Good for ground battles, but could be too plain, consisting of too much tank-shelling. Note that the map has a filename flaw – is called “vCTF”, meaning that it may need to be renamed before it shows up in UT lists.

These can be downloaded from our usual place in preparation for gaming.

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